Glass Railings

Innovations in architecture and technology have made it possible to use glass to create practical and aesthetic balustrades, ideal for use in both residential and commercial spaces. From stair rails to balustrades around the pool, glass railings are the ideal option in cases where an effective but discreet barrier is required.

Glass railings are a good option for many reasons. The main reason they are so popular is their transparency. And how do we like to see our environment, whether it's garden, swimming pool, beach, forest or mountains, the fact that glass railing does not hardly restrict your view is an enormous advantage.

While for end users the strength is transparent, from the point of view of the architects, the glass balustrades still have a great advantage: versatility, being available in countless options. Railings can be created with glass sheets positioned vertically or horizontally, and you can choose to have it framed, partially with Rama or without frame. Additionally, depending on the type of grip, different types of glass are used, and depending on the preference, from the Culoristica point of view and the structure of the glass, the options are unlimited: coloured glass, glazed glass, printed glass etc. Of course, in the case of traders the brand name can be engraved in the railing glass, in order to impress even the most pretentious customer.

Besides these aspects, although the glass looks brittle and delicate material, in fact the glass railings are very safe, whether manufactured with laminated glass or secured float glass. For example, in the case of laminated glass railings in the event that the bottle breaks, the broken pieces of the glass sheet are kept together by the laminated foil. On the other hand, secure glass balustrades besides being harder to crack (due to the hardness of the glass dubandite after the security process), in the event of breaking the glass breaks into small pieces, compared to large pieces and Sharp.

The safety and durability it offers, makes them suitable for areas where there are children, facing almost any situation.

Glass railings are also easy to maintain; The railing frames can be cleaned with a mild detergent, while the glass itself is easily cleaned with cleaning products intended for glass/glass.

If the glass railing has to provide a certain confidentiality, there is the option to use the bottled glass (in case of a company you can include the logo or the address on the glass).

Glass railings are suitable for:

  1. Stairs (both interior and exterior) – giving them the sensation that they float in the room, besides the fact that the smaller apartments/houses where a glass railing is used (in comparison with a traditional one), will always seem more spacious.
  2. Balconies and terraces – Regardless of the size of the balcony or terrace, a glass railing will provide an uninterrupted view, giving the impression of a larger balcony/terrace.
  3. Pool – Glass railings are ideal for limiting small children's access to the pool, but also allows you to admire the sparkling water when you are in the pool area and monitor the activity in the pool.

The glass railings offer an added elegance of the landscaped space, the glass being a material that does not demodeaza in time. The first step in choosing a glass railing is to establish the clamping method, depending on which type is established and the thickness of the bottle.