Facade Engineering

Destabilizing urban topographical conventions, modern architecture is a subject that specifically concerns public space. The landscape becomes the fundamental metaphor of an active exploration not only of sophisticated aesthetic influences coming from the sciences of complexity and philosophy but from authentic interest for the ethics of intervention from a social and ecological point of view.

The traditional conflict between nature and the city is mediated through new theoretical models and design technologies that even question the legacy of the Eurydice geometry.

About us

Societatea CONFELUX PROD SRL a fost infiintata in anul 1991 cu statut de persoana juridica cu capital privat ce isi desfasoara activitatea in domeniul constructiilor civile, industriale si al amenajarilor interioare. 

The company's success is ensured by the remarkable quality of the materials and by the professionalism of our team of specialists, which guarantees a high degree of comfort, elegance and safety of the works. Our attention focuses on competitive offers in technological design, fabrication and assembly for facades.

Over time, the company has developed its fields of activity so that it can now cover all areas related to the outer garments of a building.

About Us


Taking into account the evolution of the technique, the consulting and design department tries and transforms into reality the ideas you have regardless of whether it is a house, a cottage, a company headquarters, a production hall or a facade that combines glass with stone.

Curtain Walls

Glass and aluminum facades, self-supporting with thermo and sound insulation properties, are commonly called "curtain walls".


Aluminium Joinery

The need for complex, durable, and varied architectural systems has imposed aluminum as one of the ideal solutions.


Ventilated Facades

• Bonded bonding
• Ceramic plating
• Plates with HPL
• Fiber cement cladding


Glass Balustrade

Innovations in architecture and technology have made it possible to use glass to create practical and aesthetic balustrades, ideal for use in both residential and commercial spaces.


Closures Spaces

Glass partitions can be made according to the needs of each of you:
• Aluminum compartments
• Frameless compartments



Automation of gates, doors or windows are the right equipment when it comes to upgrading an existing structure without significantly altering the exterior appearance.



Designing for you is ensured through 3D / CAD programs that will surely frame your idea.

Within the consulting and design department, works can be done:

• Architectural design

• DDE and technology design

• Representing 2D & 3D projects



Some of the successful projects.

Stejarii Pool Club

In progress


Trade Register: J10/921/1991
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Registered office: Localitatea Dealul Viei, comuna Merei, jud. Buzau
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